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Walter L. Jennings

tennis player
Full name: Walter Louis Jennings
Alias: Walter L. Jennings Dr.
Born November 13, 1866 in Bangor, Maine, USA
Died September 02, 1944 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Plays unknown
Bio He graduated of Harvard University where he secured the degree of A.M.(1889) and Ph.D.(1892) specializing in Organic Chemistry as well. He was an assistant in Chemistry at Harvard (1889-92), then he obtained a travelling fellowship from Harvard and studied in Germany at Heidelberg and Berlin. At the latter university (University of Berlin), he was the private assistant to Professor Emil Fischer, the Director of the Berlin Chemical Laboratory (1894-1900). On returning to the States, he was appointed an instructor at Harvard and he was promoted to a full professorship in that field in 1900.
He joined the teaching staff of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1896. After Dr. Kinnicutt's death, he became head of the Chemistry Department (1911-1937).
He was the coach of the Polytechnic Institute tennis team and permanently organized, advertised and held tennis courses.
Misc He was Professor of organic chemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester (1900-1937).
He was member of German Chemical Society, American Chemical Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has published Ueber die Constitution des Rosanilins und des Pararosanilins. Berichte der Deulschen Chemischen Gesellschaft, on November 20, 1903.

Dr. Walter Louis Jennings was the among the founders of the Worcester Tennis Club which was incorporated in April of 1907. The club was the successor of the Salisbury Tennis Club, which had courts on Institute road, and Dean and Wachusett streets. In May of 1907, the club purchased 36.506 square feet of land on Sever street, near the corner of Highland street. There are six tennis courts and a clubhouse. Dr. Walter L. Jennings was the first president of the Worcester Tennis Club, and held the office continuously until 1917, when he resigned. The club has held annual open tournaments since its incorporation until 1917, when the tournament was omitted on account of the war. Annual tournaments are held for members only, the winner of which for the time being holds the trophy known as the John D. Baldwin cup. presented by Mrs. John D. Baldwin in 1916, in memory of her husband.
Tournament AO RG W US Win-Loss
1888 A A A R32 1-1
1889 A A A A 0-0
1890 A A A A 0-0
1891 A A A A 0-0
1892 A A A A 0-0
1893 A A A A 0-0
1894 A A A A 0-0
1895 A A A R64 1-1
Win-Loss 0-0 0-0 0-0 2-2 2-2