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Robert Wrenn

tennis player
Full name: Robert Duffield Wrenn
Nickname: Bob
Born September 20, 1872 in Highland Park, Illinois, USA
Died November 12, 1925 in New York City (Hotel Madison), New York, USA
Class of HOF 1955
Plays Left-handed
Bio Bob Wrenn was the first left-hander to win the U.S. Singles Championships, taking that crown four times. With his right-handed brother George, he played for the U.S. Davis Cup team in 1903. In the final against the British Isles at the Longwood Cricket Club, they were defeated 1-4 and Wrenn lost both his singles matches against Reginald and Lawrence Doherty as well as the doubles against the Doherty brothers.

A versatile athlete, he went to Harvard University and played not only tennis but football and baseball as well. A very determined player, he moved swiftly around the court and knew precisely when to use the lob to get out of danger.
Wrenn was vice-president of the United States Tennis Association from 1902 until 1911 and president from 1912 until 1915.

Robert was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1955.
Misc In 1898, he was serving in Cuba with Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders in the Spanish-American war. He contracted yellow fever while in Cuba.

He was arrested in 1914 when his car ran over and killed Herbert George Loveday, the choir director of St Mary's Church, in Tuxedo Park, New York.
Tournament AO RG W US Win-Loss
1892 A A A SF 5-1
1893 A A A CH 8-0
1894 A A A CH 1-0
1895 A A A RU 0-1
1896 A A A CH 7-0
1897 A A A CH 1-0
1898 A A A RU 0-1
1899 A A A A 0-0
1900 A A A QF 3-1
Win-Loss 0-0 0-0 0-0 25-4 25-4