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Holcombe Ward

tennis player
Born November 23, 1878 in New York City, New York, USA
Died January 23, 1967 in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA
Class of HOF 1956
Plays Right-handed
Bio Holcombe Ward was one of the most notable performers and reformers in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century. He played on four U.S. Davis Cup Challenge Round teams, including the first American squad in 1900, and captured his national championship in 1904.
In 1905 Ward won the London Grass Court Championships (now known as Queen's Club Championships). A six-time U.S. Doubles Champion, he retired undefeated in that tournament.
Ward was a member of the USA Davis Cup Team in 1900, 1902, 1905 and 1906.
After he left the game, he turned his full attention to the administrative side of the game, serving as President of the USLTA (U.S. Lawn Tennis Association) from 1937-47.

Holcombe was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1956.
Tournament AO RG W US Win-Loss
1896 A A A R16 2-1
1897 A A A QF 3-1
1898 A A A QF 3-1
1899 A A A QF 3-1
1900 A A A R16 2-1
1901 A A A R32 1-1
1902 A A A R32 2-1
1903 A A A R16 3-1
1904 A A A CH 8-0
1905 A A R128 RU 0-2
1906 A A A A 0-0
1907 A A A A 0-0
1908 A A A A 0-0
1909 A A A A 0-0
1910 A A A A 0-0
1911 A A A A 0-0
1912 A A A A 0-0
1913 A A A A 0-0
1914 A A A A 0-0
1915 A A A A 0-0
1916 A A A A 0-0
1917 A A A R16 2-1
Win-Loss 0-0 0-0 0-1 29-10 29-11